Ongoing: Dwarf Fortress: Session #1

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, I’ve decided to go back and do a bit of nostalgic gaming since I’ve not been feeling the desire to play Section 8. With that in mind, I went back and found a game that I’ve only played for a bit, but always wanted to experience more of… Dwarf Fortress. Are you excited yet? No? Yes? Well… too bad, it’s what I did today, so deal with it. I’ll find another game here soon, don’t worry. This is just fun times.

I started with the pack from the Newby Tutorial just because it’s easier and I wanted to get some hopefully good starting stuff going for me. Because of that, the setup was already set in stone and my dwarfs were ready to go. So, without much fiddling, I wass off and starting in front of a gigantic mountain. Yay mountain!

Firstly, I dug straight into the mountain, setting up barracks, a woodcrafter’s shop, and some stockpiles. The initial stuff was pretty easy, though I will say I was worried when I went to set up some farming. I have never successfully set up farming before, but this time it seemed to go without any issues. I set up a farm inside of my caves and made it plant Plump Helmets for the entirety of the year. I figured that I’d run out of seeds quickly but I’d just address that when it came to it. That said, I have found something interesting about brewing.

Apparently, my brewer saves the seeds of the Plump Helmets that I grow when he makes them into beer. Then, when he drops them back into the food stockpile next door, the farmer grabs them and re-plants them for the glory of all! How cool is this? A cyclic food supply? Awesome! That said… I’m not sure how much food I’m going to get out of these Plump Helmets since I’m making them all into beer. Need to figure out how to increase my food supply.

I’ve also got some mason workshops set up, producing some stone tables and doors, prepping for more rooms. I do have a dining/meeting hall set up at this point, so that’s good… the dwarfs are hanging out there when they’re not busy, which doesn’t happen much by the way. I have way too many things going on for anyone to not having anything to do. I have a crafts workshop that hasn’t even been touched yet, because my crafts dwarf hasn’t been doing what he’s supposed to. Have to figure out how to prioritize my dwarfs jobs here soon.

Also, I even set up individual bedrooms for all my starting dwarves. I missed my first caravan, didn’t have the Trade Depot up yet… working on that now. So I didn’t get any immigrants either, but oh well… life will go on. Late Autumn now… and winter’s coming! Hope I can make it through.

Also, as a side note, considering putting Section 8 on a back burner and looking at starting either Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or continuing on Overlord. Could use some input there!

More later!

~Nick Sykafoo

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